Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day Update

Happy Mother's Day everyone! It has been a nutty few days here in Massachusetts! On Thursday Travis was in his kindergarten show based on the "Alpha Friends". He made an excellent Iggy Iguana! Here are some highlights:
Here he is in full Iguana regalia! He must have caught sight of John while he was taking his picture because he has a silly smile on his face.
Travis had to get up with another child in kindergarten and do a dance to the Iggy Iguana song. He did it beautifully and I received several comments that he should be on MTV. He was so cute. He is the iguana on the right!
For his class number they did a little dance with partners and sang a song about words that rhyme.
He was so funny during the whole-group finale. They must have practiced with the kids for hours because they all seemed to know what they were doing.

On Saturday it was off to New Jersey for my niece's birthday. Sweet Caroline turned two years old. I haven't seen her since Christmas and she seems so much more grown up! I just can't believe it. She is so darn cute. She is very petite, like my sister-in-law. She is also a serious little girl. I see a lot of my brother in her. She seems to like things very clean. She and Chelsea got reacquainted quickly and they played with their babies together. Chelsea calls her "Sweet Caroline". I think she thinks that is her actual name. We tried to get her to sing to her but had no luck! Travis played a little bit, but seemed to like hanging out with the big boys better.
Here is Caroline enjoying her cupcake! She loved every lick of that frosting. We sang to her 3 times and after each time she would hold up her finger and say "One more time!" We were happy to oblige. She is going to be a big sister in a few months. My sister-in-law is one of those people who is truly beautiful during pregnancy. She has the belly bump and looks like she isn't pregnant at all from the back. Her family is so kind to let us invade their home once a year for Caroline's birthday. It is so nice to be able to catch up with them in New Jersey. Much closer than DC. They are so welcoming and warm.

We drove home (4 hours) last night. Today I got to sleep in because it is Mother's Day. Poor John drove down and back with the four of us and my mom and grandmother. The man needs a rest! He tried to nap this afternoon but the kids didn't let him. He also got a timely visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses just as he was falling asleep. Poor guy. I am still exhausted! I can't imagine how tired he must be. He is making us a special Mother's Day dinner. I got some gifts, too. I got a lighthouse for the garden and a pocket book. Travis also made me a picture frame in school. I am planning on bringing it work to display at my computer desk. John surprised me and made all of the arrangements for us to go away for a romantic night at a Bed and Breakfast at Cape Cod at the end of the month. We have never done this since we have had kids. John was in nursing school for so long and then Chelsea was just a baby and we didn't have the money. I am so excited. He even made plans with my mom to take the kids. I am one Happy Mom!

Another treat... I had made an exchange with a fellow blogger (Leslie) and had sent her a white and red enamelware bowl I had found in a thrift shop. In exchange she sent me these star blocks. There is a larger block with our last name on it, too. I was so happy to get my special package. She threw in an extra goody... the little black penny rug (I think that is what they are called). I have enclosed a picture of my new treasures. I love them and couldn't be more thrilled with the trade. She did an excellent job. Thank you Leslie from Pennsylvania!!!
We are actually working on another trade. I had found a white enamel colander with red trim and she had found some blue graniteware pie plates. I visit her blog often and love the stuff she makes!!!

So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in my life! Hope it is full of love and contentment! I am blessed to be surrounded by strong, confident, wonderful mothers and grandmothers (ESPECIALLY MY OWN). They have taught me well. Thank you!


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Travis looks so cute in his costume. You can almost see the wheels in head going as he concentrates on getting it right too!

Chelsea and Sweet Caroline are adorable together!

Happy Mother's Day - enjoy the special dinner your tired hubby is making!

hugs, Linda

Life Made Creations said...

Ooh, a night away--you are one lucky girl! Enjoy yourselves--you deserve it. We'll be on the Cape, too, on the 29th for a wedding (our first overnight away from the boys). Maybe we'll see you there! Happy Mother's Day to you. And the kiddos are adorable (your brother's, too).

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Amy,

I actuallu bought Liliana 10 books - I just didn't list them all. I still have a huge library of kids books here. There are soooooo many good ones! I will indeed check out that site - I love personalized things. My kids had several but it has been so long - it was all done via the mail back then.

Thanks for the heads up!

hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

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